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 Photo Biography

             I was first introduced to photography in a serious context during a class in black and white photography at my high-school – The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics.  Later I managed to continue my photographic education, slowly, in between biology classes at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  While I did finish my degree in biology, the most important thing I learned from it was that while I enjoy studying biology, I did not want to start a career in it.  Thereby, I spent a year working – among other places – at a custom photo finishing lab.  This allowed me to gain more photographic knowledge, build my portfolio, and ultimately apply to graduate schools in photography.  The Savannah College of Art and Design accepted me and I moved south. I managed to excel in my classes in Savannah even after playing a little catch up to those who actually had undergraduate degrees in the fine arts.  After graduating from SCAD, I moved back to North Carolina and almost immediately found employment as a photographic technician.  I now work for a few commercial photographers in Asheville, doing Photoshop work, digital workflow management, and providing on-location assistance with camera and lighting systems.  I greatly enjoy the field of photography because while it is highly technical and on the cutting edge of technologic development, those concerns are always being blended with a focused attention toward aesthetics.